Personal Injury

Episode One - Freed to Kill Again

When Nicola Gogarty’s phone rang on 17th July, 2015, as she waited to board a plane in Dublin airport for a holiday, she had no idea her life was about to change forever.

07 October 2019

News that her loving, fit and healthy 65-year-old father John Gogarty had died was the first of a series of earth-shattering revelations that would eventually expose a catalogue of failings by authorities which ultimately meant a convicted murderer was free to kill again.

But had it not been for the tenacious and relentless quest for answers by Nicola – with the help of a number of organisations along the way - she may never have unearthed what really happened.

Kate is joined by Nicola Gogarty, Rachel Laws from Victim Support, Chris Burn from The Yorkshire Post and Kim Harrison from Slater and Gordon.


What is The Case Files?

The Case Files is a 15-part series presented by award-winning journalist Kate Gerbeau, exploring the stories of those who have gone through the civil justice system, and the legal teams who supported them through it.

From heart-breaking tales of medical negligence to maternity discrimination, you will hear first-hand from those affected - how they managed to navigate the legal system, finding the strength to fight their case and get justice.

Featured experts describe the ins and outs of the stories, reflecting on the impact on the people involved, and explaining the legal consequences for the rest of us.

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