More people consider marriage with easier divorce process

As a result of the no fault divorce coming into force on 6 April, the change in law has revealed that almost one-third of people are more likely to consider taking the next step in their relationship due to the divorce process being simplified.

05 April 2022

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How has the divorce process changed?

On 6 April 2022, the UK saw the biggest shake-up of divorce laws for half a century. The introduction of no-fault divorce means that married and civil partnership couples will no longer have to assign blame to legally end their marriage.

Many welcome these changes as our research found that 65% of people took the blame in their divorce in order to start the proceedings when, in fact, it wasn’t actually their fault. An additional 61% of divorcees think the divorce process should be easier and almost half (49%) of those divorced, or in the process of getting divorced, say they would’ve opted for a no-fault divorce if the law had allowed it.

The removal of the ‘blame game’ allows couples more time to focus on other aspects of divorce such as financial and child arrangements, whilst also removing any additional hostility associated with having to place fault on one party.

How does this resonate with those in relationships?

Our research found that this change to divorce could also see an increasing number of people taking the next step with their partner as almost one-third (32%) of people currently in relationships said they would now get married as the divorce process was simpler.

Whilst the alterations are accepted by many, over half (54%) of those who’ve been through the divorce process express concerns that a simpler divorce process could lessen the meaning of marriage and a further 39% believe that people could have regrets later in life for divorcing instead of trying to save their marriage. Despite having ended their marriage under the old legislation, 38% of divorcees would still encourage couples to tie the knot.

Do I need a lawyer in divorce?

Despite the fact that divorce is now more straightforward, our expert family solicitors are warning that seeking specialist legal advice is still vital to ensure that important factors – such as financial settlements and child arrangements – are fully considered.

Our head of family law, Georgina Chase, said: “Despite the removal of blame in the divorce process, it is still crucial to seek expert legal advice".

“Not only will accessing expert advice allow the divorce process to go as smoothly as possible but a divorce will only legally end the marriage and does not resolve the financial aspects of a divorce and nor arrangements for children and a professional should be sought to advice on these important family law issues.”

If you’re considering getting a divorce, we offer a petitioner fixed-fee divorce for just £540 (inc. VAT) plus the court fee. To access expert clear and comprehensive advise on your circumstances, book a consultation with us today. Call us today on 0330 041 5869 or contact us online.

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