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Survivor of a hit and run, Jack, tells his story

Jack was left paralysed from the chest down when he was involved in a hit and run. However, Jack strives to make the best of every day and not let what happened to him get him down. Watch his story and how Slater and Gordon helped.

03 September 2021

When Jack went out one night and was crossing the road, he was involved in a road collision with a car that hit him and they drove off.

The collision was attended by the police who provided initial support and reporting before Jack was taken to the Royal London Hospital, where they discovered that Jack's spine was broken at a T4 level and that he would probably never walk again.

Jack tries to take each day as it comes. Jack says "I don't want to become one of these people that are just angry with the world. Just make peace with it and move on because if not, it will not only have destroyed your body, you don't want it to affect your mental state as well. And that's what I'm not gonna let it."

Jack wanted to get in touch with a reputable law firm so he contacted Slater and Gordon.

They not only dealt with Jack's case but they secured funding to get him temporary accommodation to suit his immediate needs while new adapted, suitable accommodation could be found. Jack says: "It was just amazing how they got everything and fit this jigsaw to get me back down to London. Yeah, it was incredible. It just hasn't stopped, they've continued to support me throughout this journey, it's incredible."

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