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Did you work at C. Brewer & Sons Limited in the 1960s?

Did you work at C. Brewer & Sons Limited in the 1960s or know someone that did? Slater and Gordon are trying to help locate anyone who knew the late Terence Kennedy.

12 March 2024

Our specialist Industrial Disease team has been instructed by the family of the late Terence Kennedy following his death from mesothelioma.

Mr Kennedy came into contact with asbestos as a shop assistant whilst working for C. Brewer & Sons Limited between 1961 and 1965 as a salesman. The shop sold painting and decorating materials and building supplies to tradespeople and to the general public. As a salesman, Mr Kennedy’s job was to fetch the items that customers wanted from the stock room and make sales over the counter.

Items requested by customers included asbestos sheets, which Mr Kennedy would cut to their measurement using a handsaw. Sadly, as Mr Kennedy died before we were instructed by his family, we are looking to find out more information about the kind of work that he did, how frequently he could have been exposed to asbestos and general information about asbestos-containing materials sold by C. Brewer between 1961 and 1965 to obtain the evidence needed to prove the claim.

Anyone who has information which could help the investigation is asked to contact Nikol Litvinova on 0330 995 5759 or email her at nikol.litvinova@slatergordon.co.uk

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