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Urological negligence claims

If your urologist failed to diagnose your condition or made a mistake in treating you, the effects can be severe. If you’ve suffered an injury as a result of medical negligence, Slater and Gordon’s specialist legal experts can help get the compensation you deserve.

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What is urological negligence?

If your GP or urologist failed to treat you correctly and as a result you’re urological problems have worsened, or if mistakes made by another medical professional has caused you to suffer urological problems, you may be entitled to claim compensation due to medical negligence.

How do I know if I have a claim for a urological error?

Our medical negligence experts have specialised in negligence involving urological errors for many years and have secured compensation for a variety urological error claims. Common urology mistakes can include:

Diagnosis errors

  • Delayed diagnosis of cancer
  • Mistakes in taking a patient's history
  • Misinterpreting the results, failing to read X-rays correctly

Surgery errors

  • Hernia operations leading to death of a testicle
  • Vasectomy errors causing damage to the testicular artery
  • Failure to diagnose testicular torsion
  • Other surgical errors
  • Mistakes during circumcision

Other treatment error

  • Not conducting a satisfactory physical exam
  • Not taking the patient’s medical history into account
  • Prescribing the wrong medication or making a mistake with a prescription
  • Not carrying out correct investigations including X-rays, scans and blood tests
  • Neglecting the patient

Can I claim for a failed vasectomy?

If you have a failed vasectomy, you might be able to claim compensation for medical negligence if the surgeon failed to cut the vas deferens tubes correctly or if the medical professionals advising you failed to give you the correct post-operative instructions. You should be made aware that it takes around four months until your semen is clear of sperm. During this time, you should use an alternative contraceptive method. If you’re unsure whether or not you can make a claim, contact our specialists for a free initial consultation.

How much compensation will I get for a urological negligence claim?

Every compensation claim for urological negligence is different as it depends on the seriousness of the injury and the affect it has had on your life. In addition, you may have losses, such as loss of earnings, care costs, aids and equipment which will also be included in your claim. Speak to one of our specialists today to find out more about making a No Win No Fee claim on 0330 041 5869.

How much time do I have to make a urological claim?

If you believe you have a urological claim, it’s important that you seek advice from a solicitor who specialises in medical negligence cases as soon as possible, as there are time limits in place in England, Scotland and Wales.

Generally, a urological claim should be made within three years from the date the negligence occurred or the date you were first aware that you had suffered a significant injury or illness due to negligence. However, there are exceptions. To read more about the time limits of making a claim, please read our medical negligence FAQs or our medical negligence claims guide.

Why choose Slater and Gordon's urological solicitors?

Not only do we have many years' experience securing compensation for urological negligence, we also have the utmost sensitivity to handle your case with great care.

We offer home and hospital visits and provide immediate representation and rehabilitation support.

Contact us for a free consultation to help you understand whether or not you have a urological error claim or call 0330 041 5869.

Can I change my solicitors to Slater and Gordon?

If you or a family member have been seriously impacted by medical negligence, and you feel that you're not getting the specialist legal advice you need from your current solicitor, we'll be happy to discuss switching your case to Slater and Gordon. Simply call our experts on 0330 041 5869 or contact us online.

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