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Sam Brodie

Sam Brodie


I am passionate about helping individuals and their families achieve justice, and providing them with the services and help that they need that allows them to move forward with their lives.

Get to know Sam

I was qualified in 2020 and throughout my career to date I have practised exclusively in the personal injury litigation space. I am an experienced Clinical Negligence litigation solicitor and have spent time gaining experience in this space both in the UK and Australian jurisdictions.

I regularly represent claimant’s and their families in a wide range of clinical negligence claims against General Practitioners, the NHS and Private Hospitals, care homes, dentists, surgeons, nurses and ambulance service providers.

I have handled a diverse range of cases, each presenting unique circumstances and encompassing a variety of injuries. These include instances such as hypoxic brain events in infants, strokes, gynaecological injuries, orthopaedic injuries, sepsis, vascular conditions, eye conditions, and cancer diagnoses.

Career highlights

One of my career highlights was being involved in clinical negligence case following the death of a 19 year old woman during child-birth at the defendant hospital as a result of pre-eclampsia. Her son survived but was subject to a hypoxic brain event as a result of the trauma. I represented the deceased's son and her partner in both the Inquest into the deceased’s death, and the common law litigation.

The case was complex, went for a number of years and was highly emotional for the claimants and their families. We achieved a significant settlement for the family, enabling them to regain stability and access the necessary services to progress in rebuilding their lives.

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