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Ilja Dubrovins


Working as a member of the Volkswagen emissions team in Scotland I realised that the key to successful workload management is keeping in mind many things but focusing on one at a time.

Ilja Dubrovins

Get to know Ilja

I joined Slater and Gordon in September 2019 and have been working as a key member in the Scottish Volkswagen team. Since I joined the Volkswagen team, we have taken on approximately 2500 new clients which involved a lot of different challenges.

Up to the present time, I've been working hard to ensure that we're prepared for the litigation of the Volkswagen case. In doing so, I've dealt with the large volume of our client personal data and vehicle documentation on the day-to-day basis.

I work to a high standard in order to deliver high-quality services for our clients by following Slater and Gordon’s business procedures and acting in the best interests of our clients. I carry out my role professionally by acting with integrity, honesty and fairness.

Career highlights

I only started my career recently and there are no cases that could stand out as career highlights for me yet as I've been constantly involved in the Volkswagen group litigation which is still ongoing. I believe that the first highlight in my career is going to be the settlement of the Volkswagen emissions scandal in Scotland.

After dealing with Volkswagen, I'll be joining the Scottish group litigation team for the Mercedes action. The claim against Mercedes will involve the same processes as Volkswagen, therefore, I'll be able to utilise my experience which I gained when assisting with the management of the Volkswagen emissions claim in Scotland.

Contact Ilja

Telephone: 0330 995 5711
Office: Edinburgh

Area of specialism

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