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Medical Negligence

Helen Osborne

Senior Associate

I am a specialist medical negligence solicitor and I strive to do all I can to help my clients through, what is often, one of the most difficult periods of their lives.

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Get to know Helen

Before specialising in medical negligence, I gained a wealth of experience in all types of civil and commercial litigation, acting for both Claimants and Defendants. My main area of focus was on claims that originated from professional negligence.

However, I was always drawn to wanting to help those who had suffered injuries because of negligence and therefore decided to specialise in medical negligence in 2010. Over the years I have acted for many clients who have sustained a broad range of injuries including delayed diagnosis of cancer, amputation, poorly managed diabetes, brain injury, childbirth injuries, neurological injuries, infection and many more. My aim with every case is to enable my client to obtain compensation so that they and their families can get back on their feet.

The litigation process can be very involved and to assist clients and navigate it requires efficiency, pragmatism and, on occasions, a certain amount of lateral thinking.

I help clients that find their case very emotive, to take a step back so they can understand what the medical negligence process entails and what evidence needs to be gathered in order to bring a successful claim. I do this by providing practical, empathetic, and honest advice from the outset.

Career highlights

One of my career highlights is settling a case concerning a contaminated spinal anaesthetic during knee replacement surgery. This resulted in significant neurological injury to my client. He was awarded £3.5 million on a split liability basis.

I also settled a case concerning an amputated right lower leg following a failure to treat a serious wound infection for which my client was awarded £2.2 million.

Another case highlight is one that concerned a missed opportunity to diagnose and then subsequently treat a spinal dural arteriovenous fistula. This resulted in a further decline in my client’s neurological deficits. He was awarded £250,000.


I was a Finalist for Fee Earner of the Year Award 2013 at Dutton Gregory Solicitors.

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