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What is form E?

Form E is used by family solicitors as the means of providing financial information when there are no court proceedings. Here is the document explained.

04 June 2015

Form E is the document which you and your spouse are required to complete if either of you applies to court about financial matters arising from a divorce or dissolution.

It is a detailed document which is used to set out information about your financial position.

Form E is also frequently used by family solicitors as the means of providing financial information when there are no court proceedings, as it ensures that both people give the same amount of detail about their financial position.


The process of providing financial information when you are going through a divorce is known as disclosure. When this financial disclosure is done without court proceedings it is known as voluntary disclosure.

The form E requires you to provide details of your income, assets and pension position. Assets include property, savings, and other capital investments.

Income from all sources must also be disclosed and you also need to set out an estimate of your future outgoings.

You are required to attach to the form E documents which evidence the figures you have detailed including 12 months of statements for all of your bank accounts.

What documents do I need?

You need to provide documents detailing all of your savings, income from work or your business, plus assets such as any property, insurance, pension or endowments.

At first the form E can seem a daunting document to complete. Not all of the sections, however, will be relevant to everyone.

If you are able to complete as much of this document yourself and respond promptly to requests from your divorce solicitor for additional information it will ensure you don’t incur unnecessary legal costs.

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