Medical Negligence

An untreated ulcer on Karen's foot caused her to lose her leg

Mum of two, Karen Webb, had her leg amputated when doctors failed to treat a diabetic ulcer. Watch her story and how Slater and Gordon helped.

18 August 2021

Karen had an ulcer on her foot for about 10 months and it wasn't getting any better. Instead it was getting worse and she fell ill.

As Karen is diabetic, she knew the importance of having the ulcer investigated so had seen a podiatrist. Unfortunately however, as a result of the hospital's neglect, the ulcer became infected and could no longer be treated with antibiotics. Karen was in unbearable pain and as a result, she had her leg amputated.

Karen suffered both physically and psychologically and as a result, she contacted Slater and Gordon as she noticed they specialise in amputation injuries.

Karen says: They’ve actually given me the confidence to get back up on my feet again now, because they’re working so hard to get me justice that it makes me feel good. It makes me feel that somebody is doing something for me. They are trying to get justice for me and that’s really important."

If you've suffered an injury as a result of a medical negligence, contact our specialists today.

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