Personal Injury

Episode Eleven - Surviving Terror

Keith Chapman was crossing Westminster Bridge like any other day at work, when he was mowed down by a white van. The van, travelling around 76mph was driven by terrorist, Khalid Masood, who went on to kill five people, and injure over 50 during one of the worst terrorist attacks to happen in Britain.

10 February 2020

In this episode Londoner Keith, shares the harrowing aftermath of being a victim of terror, alongside his wife Linda, who recounts her battle to support her husband through PTSD.

We will also hear from Amber Braybrooke, one of the personal injury lawyers who acted for Keith in his civil case and Zac Idun, one of the Met’s most experienced family liaison officers, who was awarded an OBE for his work during numerous terrorist attacks.


What is The Case Files?

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