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Serious work accident caused man’s arm to be paralysed

A labourer was working for a skip hire company at the time of his accident. He was attempting to lubricate the flanges of a rotating recycling drum when he caught his right arm in the machinery.

13 March 2015

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As a result of his arm being caught in the machine, our client’s nerves which supplied his right arm from his spinal cord were torn which ultimately caused a severe brachial plexus injury and rendering his arm almost wholly paralysed.

The skip hire company denied fault and claimed that our client hadn’t been trained to use the machine which caused his injury and had taken it upon himself to operate the equipment even though he’d been requested by them to ask a trained colleague to operate the machine for him.

We obtained medical reports from independent medical professionals and began building evidence to support our client’s claim.

The claim was established on the basis that our client was unable to ever return to full time paid work and that, had he not been injured, he had every prospect of securing permanent work in the future.

It was 10 days before the trial was due to start when we were able to secure a £1 million settlement for our client with a small discount for our client’s contributory fault.

This settlement means that our client can fund the cost of private physiotherapy treatment, cognitive behavioural therapy and the additional transportation support he now needs due to his injury. Should our client’s condition deteriorate in the future, he also has the right to return his case to court for review.

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All information was correct at the time of publication.

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