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SCS Farmland investment in Argentina

Find out about unregulated investments under investigation, Green Oil Plantations Ltd, Bacolet Bay, Chateau de la Cazine, Global Foresty and Lomax Halls.

02 December 2015

Open idyllic farm field with wooden fencing and sun

Slater and Gordon act on behalf of clients who invested in Green Oil Plantations Ltd, an unregulated investment product. Many of our clients used their life savings to invest and have since found themselves in desperate financial straits.

We now act on behalf of Green Oil Plantations Ltd clients who have also invested monies in cultivated land in Argentina through a company called Food Water and Energy SA SCS Farmland (Weisburd) (“SCS Farmland”). The investment enabled investors to own fully managed farmland in the Province of Santiago del Estero in Argentina and receive a fixed return over a period of either five or ten years.

It appears that certain investors who invested in Green Oil Plantations Ltd also invested in this other high-risk, unregulated investment. We have been instructed by clients to issue complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service in relation to the advice provided by independent financial advisors to invest a minimum of £12,000 in this high-risk Argentina based scheme which now appears to have been lost. We are also looking into the role of the self-invested personal pension (SIPP) providers in relation to this investment.

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme has recently stated that the fund values in relation to Green Oil Plantations Ltd and SCS Farmland can be disregarded due to the fact that the values are too uncertain to quantify.

SCS Farmland investors are reportedly being cold-called in relation to this failed investment by unregulated firms who are neither lawyers nor claims management companies. We repeat our earlier advice in relation to Green Oil Plantations Ltd which is to be extremely wary of providing information to anybody who cold calls you.

We are also currently investigating other unregulated investments which our Green Oil Plantations Ltd clients have invested in, namely Bacolet Bay, Chateau de la Cazine, Global Forestry Investments and Lomax Halls.

Please contact our group litigation solicitors on call us on 0330 107 5067 or contact us and we’ll call you if you have invested in SCS Farmland, Bacolet Bay, Chateau de la Cazine, Global Forestry Investments or Lomax Halls and are concerned that you have or are likely to suffer financial loss as a result.

All information was correct at the time of publication.

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