Medical Negligence

Rogue gynaecologist complaint ignored for 16 years

Specialist medical negligence lawyer, Helen Barry representing patients affected by rogue gynaecologist surgeon, Daniel Hay.

21 May 2021


Slater and Gordon specialist medical negligence lawyer, Helen Barry recently appeared in the media as she is representing some of the patients affected by rogue gynaecologist surgeon, Daniel Hay.

The Times reported on a rouge surgeon, Daniel Hay who allegedly harmed many women through unnecessary operations.

The GMC was alerted to a complaint about Daniel Hay in 2005 but chose not to sanction him.

Helen Barry said: "My clients have very similar themes running through their experiences. They have all been frightened to speak out, as they feared they would not be believed.

“This man appears to have been acting, at best, without his patients’ interests at heart and, at worst, with a disregard for their health and safety.

“The whole expanse of his career must be considered so that we can establish how many people have been potentially hurt. We need to ascertain whether there was a systematic failure over a number of years which ought to have been dealt with earlier."

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