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Toddler Reuben's inspiring battle following delayed diagnosis of toxic shock syndrome

Reuben Harvey-Smith was just three years old when he had to have both his legs and most of his fingers amputated after doctors failed to spot the signs of toxic shock syndrome. Watch his story and how Slater and Gordon helped.

13 September 2021

Our client

In 2015, Reuben, then three years old, suffered a minor burn and was taken to the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. He was discharged the same day with second degree burns.

The following day Reuben fell ill and was taken to see the doctor who told his mum that he had severe tonsillitis. Reuben's mum challenged the doctor asking if it was something to do with the burn he had suffered the day before, but the doctor said it was not and told her not to worry about it.

Reuben continued to get ill and his mum phoned the Chelsea and Westminster hospital and was told to bring him in immediately.

At hospital, Reuben's mum was told he was seriously ill. He had sepsis and had suffered toxic shock syndrome. As a result, Reuben had his legs and some of his fingers amputated but this saved his life, much to his mum's relief.

The case so far

Reuben's mum decided to contact solicitors and after being told by some that she didn't have a claim, she contacted Slater and Gordon who said they could absolutely help them.

The hospital made an early admission of liability and Slater and Gordon helped ensure Reuben had all he needed to progress with life, from prosthetics to new adapted property.

For Reuben, everything is about what he can do and not about what he can't do, which, for all he has been through, makes him such an inspiration.

How can Slater and Gordon help you

At Slater and Gordon, we’ve been helping injured clients for over 80 years, with a dedicated team of solicitors specialising in medical negligence claims.

Our medical negligence experts were nominated as finalists for Clinical Negligence Team of the Year in the Manchester Law Society Manchester Legal Awards 2022, and work with some of the best-case managers and medical experts in the field. We’ll always ensure you get the best possible care and assistance for your specific injuries.

If you've suffered from sepsis or toxic shock syndrome as a result of a delayed diagnosis, contact our medical negligence specialists today.

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