Medical Negligence

Man left with permanent eye injuries after hospital failings

Our client was the victim of a vicious attack but medical failings left him with permanent injuries to his eyes. Read more about his story.

28 June 2021


Anthony* was the victim of a vicious attack when a liquid was sprayed into his face.

Anthony went straight to A&E at his nearest hospital but the hospital didn't provide an adequate standard of care for Anthony. They didn't carry out a pH test to measure the pH level of Anthony’s eyes, they failed to rapidly irrigate his eyes, they didn't measure his visual acuity or immediately refer him to ophthalmology, especially the circumstances of an alkali injury.

Due to the hospital failings, Anthony's right eye took longer than it should to heal and his left eye has corneal scarring and permanent reduced vision. This has caused Anthony to have difficulties in carrying out his day to day tasks such as household chores.

Anthony contacted Slater and Gordon to pursue a medical negligence claim on his behalf. Our specialists undertook a thorough investigation and instructed an independent A&E consultant who advised us of the failings within the A&E department at the hospital.

We also instructed a consultant ophthalmologist to investigate the nature and extent of Anthony's injuries sustained as a result of the hospital’s failure to adequately treat him. An examination of Anthony’s eyes was undertaken by the expert ophthalmologist and a detailed report was prepared which explained Anthony’s condition and his future prognosis.

The hospital formally admitted that there were failings in the standard of care they provided to Anthony and a settlement was agreed. Anthony was pleased that the hospital accepted that the standard of care provided to him fell below an acceptable level and that the settlement amount will enable him to get the additional treatment he needs to enable him to live as independent a life as possible.

*Client's name changed for the purpose of anonymity.

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