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Karolis' battle following an accident at work which resulted in his leg being amputated

Karolis was forced to tourniquet his own leg when it was cut off by a wood chipper in a sawmill as a result of an accident at work. Watch his story and how Slater and Gordon helped.

22 September 2021

Karolis was working at a sawmill cutting wood, when the machine he was working on got jammed. Karolis climbed onto the machine to remove the obstruction, when the machine cut off his leg.

As soon as Karolis realised what had happened to him, he took his belt from his trousers and used it as a tourniquet just above his knee, as his work colleagues came to his rescue. Emergency services were called and he was transported to hospital by an air ambulance where he underwent an operation.

As a result of the workplace accident, Karolis' life was turned upside down as he was unable to do things he used to do.

While in hospital, Karolis decided to take legal action after being advised by the doctors. It was important to him to get a lawyer who could provide a translator, as English is not his first language. He also wanted a firm that had many years' experience, so he called Slater and Gordon.

"I believe that I have made the right choice as they do a great job, accommodate my limited time off, it is very easy to arrange all the appointments and in general it is an excellent firm."

Karolis is now undergoing rehabilitation treatment to maximise the chance of future independence.

If you've suffered an injury as a result of an accident at work, contact our specialists today.

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