Carole - Paterson case

Medical Negligence

Surgeon, Ian Paterson, performed six unnecessary operations on me

Carole Johnson stood up for herself and took legal action when Ian Paterson performed six operations on her for no medical reason. Watch Carole's story on her experience and how Slater and Gordon helped her.

27 July 2021

The case so far

When Carole found a lump in her breast, she went to her GP who referred her to the surgeon, Ian Paterson.

After examining the lump, Paterson informed Carole that the lump was bordering on cancer, so she would have to have it surgically removed. This was an extremely difficult and distressing time for Carole and her family, however upon completion of the surgery, she was told that the lump was not cancerous. The news came as a relief to Carole, but unfortunately her story didn’t stop there.

Carole subsequently found other lumps that were investigated and, each time, Paterson told her that she would have to undergo another operation to have them removed. In total, Carole had six operations over the course of seven years.

When investigated, it was found that there was no medical reason for the operations Paterson performed and all the pain, trauma and distress Carole went through was completely unnecessary.

Slater and Gordon's medical negligence team represented Carole along with a vast number of women who were victims of Paterson. A High Court judge went on to approve a £37 million compensation plan for those victims.

It was found that Ian Paterson performed extensive, live-changing operations for no medically justifiable reason on over 700 women. He was convicted of 17 counts of wounding with intent and three counts of unlawful wounding and was jailed for 20 years.

Four years on - More patients to be recalled by Spire Healthcare

Following an Independent Inquiry into the matter, it was found that the initial recall was insufficient and it's now been announced that Spire Healthcare will be recalling additional victims of Ian Paterson and setting up a new fund to award compensation to those victims.

Slater and Gordon were appointed lead solicitors during the 2017 action and are pleased confirm that we have been asked to manage the fund once again.

If you're a former patient of Ian Paterson and think you may have a claim, register your details today and one of our specialists will contact you.

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