Slater and Gordon partner update in response to COVID-19

How we are protecting our customers, colleagues and partners.

Female student using laptop and taking notes

So far as it’s possible, it’s business as usual for everyone at Slater and Gordon.

We are determined to continue delivering the best possible service to our customers despite the unprecedented challenges we are all facing. To do so we quickly have had to adapt our ways of working.

Thankfully, owing to our investment in technology over the last two years we are able to be very agile.. By the end of this week we anticipate that more than 90 per cent of our workforce will be able to work fully from home. This will allow our business to continue to function and our colleagues to continue servicing our customers.

As one of the first businesses in the world to adopt Microsoft’s Managed Desktop, we are fortunate to be in an excellent position to run the business in a remote working environment.

The agility of our business model puts us in a unique position to withstand the pressures that this crisis has created.

We didn’t wait, we created and we have built a framework that enables our colleagues to be agile and flexible with how and when they work.

On top of this we want to reassure you that;

Self-isolation protocols have been in place from the outset. This has recently been extended to include cold and flu like symptoms, which applies to anyone co-habiting with someone showing these symptoms.

Travel and meetings have been avoided as much as possible. This has meant cancelling face to face meetings and instead using conference call and virtual meeting facilities. Anyone who is required to attend an office completes a visitor questionnaire ahead of their visit.

Hygiene precautions have been in place from the outset of the outbreak and our colleagues are instructed to follow NHS guidelines regarding handwashing.

We have positioned hand sanitisers around our office locations, which everyone is asked to make regular use of. Each of our offices is thoroughly cleaned throughout the day and this cleaning has been increased for communal areas and common touch points

All events, whether we were hosting them or scheduling to attend then have been cancelled. This is so we can support government guidelines around social distancing.

We hope that this information provides reassurance to all of our valued partners that through training and technology Slater and Gordon will continue to deliver the exceptional service you expect from us.

If anything changes then we will contact you again. But for more updates please follow our Slater and Gordon LinkedIn page.

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