In some cases when you have an issue which affects a collection of people or organisations the best and most efficient way to deal with this would be through group litigation or class action. We have extensive experience in dealing with many clients with the same issue and can work to get a resolution and compensation on your behalf. If you think we can help call our Group and Specialist Litigation Lawyers on Freephone 0800 916 9015 or contact us online.

Our UK contact centre is open 24 hours 7 days a week.

Slater and Gordon Lawyers bring individuals & groups together to bring strength in numbers. We are one of the UK’s leading group action law firms having successfully concluded major and high profile group actions. Our experience allows us to more effectively act on your behalf whilst minimising costs. Having Slater and Gordon on your side can make the difference and get resolutions to your issues. We have the resources and the systems in place to handle large volumes of complex and less complex cases.

What a Group Litigation or a Class action?

A group or class action is when a group of people with a common issue group together to sue an individual or organisation which have caused them loss or injustice. They come together to fight an issue as a collective which can mean more efficient and cost effective legal actions.

As Litigation Lawyers our job is to right the wrongs and give a voice to your right and power to your cause. By all working together towards your objectives we can make a much bigger impact.

What is a Group Litigation Order?

A group litigation order (GLO) is an order which is sent through the courts of England and Wales which allows a group of people with the same issue to act as a collective. It is the legal term for the process of grouping many people affected by the same issue. In some cases there can be one or more representative claimants who act as the lead case for others.

Our specialism lies in the following areas:

  • Financial Miss-selling
  • Defective products (product liability)
  • Data Breaches (data and privacy)
  • Major Incidents.

Our Experience with Group/Class Actions

Our Group Litigation Lawyers have a proven track record of success, plus all the skills and the global resources to take on the largest of group litigation compensation claims.
Our law firm has a strong history of successfully representing organised groups including member organisations and campaign groups. Slater and Gordon Lawyers have the resources and the systems in place to handle large volumes of complex and less complex cases, including a dedicated contact centre in Manchester which is open 24/7.

Our Current & Recent Group Litigation Cases include:

  • Acting for tens of thousands of owners of Volkswagen vehicles affected by the emissions scandal.
  • Acting for individuals and small businesses affected by Interest Rate Swap Miss-selling
  • The UK's largest ever employment group litigation action, for over 16,000 Corus employees securing a multi-million pound settlement.
  • Representing a large number of women sold PIP Breast Implants.
  • Representing a large group of Thalidomide victims seeking proper compensation for birth defects caused by the drug.
  • Representing a large group mis-sold an equity Release scheme.
  • Led the group litigation action against Maclaren representing parents of young children injured by faulty Baby Buggies.

Slater and Gordon Lawyers can provide expert legal advice and immediate legal representation anywhere in the UK.

Call our Group & Specialist Litigation Lawyers on freephone 0800 916 9015 or contact us online and we'll be happy to help you.

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