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The divorce process explained

When you contact a Slater and Gordon solicitor for advice on divorce, you’ll receive all the information you need to navigate the process smoothly and with as little stress as possible. Our divorce solicitors in Manchester have an excellent reputation with clients for their honest, straightforward and jargon-free approach. They’ll explain the steps you’ll need to follow to legally divorce.

How to file for divorce

In order for a couple to get divorced, one of you will need to petition the other for divorce. It isn’t possible to jointly apply; one person must petition the other and citing one of five legally acceptable reasons for divorce. These are:

  1. Desertion - when one spouse leaves the other against their wishes, moving out of the property and not living together for at least two years out of two and a half years.
  2. Unreasonable behaviour - when the other person is impossible to live with, this could include issues such as gambling, drug misuse, excessive alcohol consumption, running up debts, violent behaviour or failure to provide any financial support to the family.
  3. Separation for at least two years - when a couple have been separated for at least two years, they can divorce provided that both people agree.
  4. Separation for at least five years – when two married people have not lived together for at least five years, they can legally separate even if one party doesn’t agree to the divorce.
  5. Adultery - when one person has had a sexual relationship with someone else of the opposite sex.

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What happens next?

The next stage of the divorce process is for the person against whom the divorce has been filed to decide whether they intend to accept or disagree with the proceedings. If your spouse has petitioned you for divorce and you don’t agree, you can defend the divorce. This may involve a court hearing, or you may want to file your own divorce petition against your former partner. If you agree with the petition, the divorce can proceed to the next stage.

Our Slater and Gordon divorce specialists can advise you of the best action to take to ensure a quick and satisfactory outcome, with as little worry and acrimony as possible.

Decree nisi

If the divorce hasn’t been defended or a court hearing has been held to settle a disagreement, the proceedings can move to the next stage. The petitioner can apply for a decree nisi, which is a court order stating when the marriage will legally end if no good reason is put forward to prevent the divorce.

Decree absolute

The final and irreversible stage of divorce is for your solicitor to apply for a decree absolute on your behalf. This is the legal document that officially ends the marriage, and it must be applied for within 12 months of receiving the decree nisi.

Financial settlements and division of assets

One of the most frustrating, stressful and time-consuming parts of the divorce process is reaching a decision on how assets should be divided and the financial settlement each person is entitled to. There are many complicated factors to take into account, from how much each partner contributed to shared assets to the financial needs of children in the future. Shared savings, pensions, property and investments as well as outstanding debts will all need to be looked at very carefully.

To sort out issues relating to money and the conflicts that often arise over this thorny issue, it’s crucial to have an experienced, skilled divorce solicitor on your side. Contact our divorce solicitors Manchester office on 0161 383 3500 for an initial consultation and for advice on the next steps to take.

Children’s issues

When there are children involved in a divorce, both parties must work hard to ensure that their needs are put first. A steady, sensitive hand and a great deal of experience in children’s issues is needed to help navigate these often difficult circumstances, and this is why it’s essential to bring in a specialist family lawyer to help.

The family law team here at Slater and Gordon Manchester are highly respected for their work in resolving often complicated divorce cases involving children. We put the needs of the children first and work tirelessly to achieve the best outcome for the whole family. Our solicitors can help to settle issues including:

  • Child arrangements
  • Maintenance and financial support
  • Child protection, children’s rights and safeguarding.

Many of our Manchester solicitors are also members of Resolve, an organisation which believes that where possible, mediation and constructive negotiation should be used to resolve divorce and family problems rather than expensive litigation.

How our Manchester divorce solicitors can help

Nationally, Slater and Gordon Lawyers are industry leaders in the field of divorce and family law. We’re one of the UK’s largest law firms, with offices in London, Cardiff, Leeds, Sheffield and many other locations in addition to our Manchester Mosley Street base. Our highly trained solicitors have experience with every kind of divorce case, from straightforward situations to complicated, high-profile divorces. Whatever you need our help with, you can rely on Slater and Gordon Lawyers to provide legal advice you can trust.

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