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It is now compulsory, if a party is issuing Court proceedings, to refer the matter to Family Mediation whether the application is for a financial remedy or in relation to children. There are certain exemptions but these are few and far between, and you should expect if you do issue proceedings that you will have to attend at least one Family Mediation session.

What is Family Mediation?

Family Mediation is an alternative to Court proceedings and is used to help separating couples resolve issues such as sorting out the division of their finances, assets and sorting out the living arrangements for their children. The process is facilitated by a neutral third party who aids negotiations and is known as the ‘Mediator’. 

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How Does Family Mediation Work?

One or both of you together can contact the mediator and the mediator will then contact your partner. Your solicitor can refer you or you can contact them direct. We don’t charge for the initial consultation. We then have a fixed fee structure. Further meetings will be arranged when with the help of the mediator you can work on communication between you, renew arrangements for the children, exchange financial information and consider options. When you have proposals that you both find acceptable our mediator will prepare a summary of them and a summary of the financial information. 

How Long Does Family Mediation Take?

The Family Mediation process starts with an initial assessment when you tell us about your situation and we explain how mediation can help you. Then over a period of weeks or months depending on how many joint sessions you will need we work through a structured framework until a mutually agreeable outcome is reached. The joint sessions can last 1 to 2 hours each. We aim to deal with your mediation case as swiftly as possible but it may take time to resolve.

Who is Family Mediation For?

Family Mediation is recommended for any separating couple going through a divorce or separation except in cases of domestic violence when it would not be appropriate and one of the parties would be vulnerable. It is ideal for resolving disagreements over children, or dividing property or pensions. Unlike the Court process mediation is a cheaper and often quicker way of resolving these disputes.

How Much Does Family Mediation Cost?

The first contact with the mediator is free. We then charge £89 plus vat each or £130 plus vat per couple for the MIAM and £150 plus vat per hour each for the mediation sessions plus an admin fee of £75 plus vat each for each session for drawing up the minutes. We charge a final fee of £150 plus vat each for preparing the final documentation, the summaries. This is a rate that is less than most family lawyers and certainly those with our mediators’ experience.

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