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People often think that couples who have been living together for a long period of time are ‘common law’ husbands and wives; but there is no such legal status in the UK. The Law refers to 'living together' relationships as Cohabitation; people living together are called 'Cohabitees'.

Our Cohabitation Agreement Solicitors can advise you on the cohabitation issues you should consider, where you stand legally; and how a Court would view your arrangements.

Cohabitation Agreements are increasingly popular as more and more couples are living together, and want to protect their individual assets and income in case of separation.

A Cohabitation Agreement can record details such as:

  • Who owns what at the start of a relationship
  • How any property acquired during the relationship will be owned
  • Who will be responsible for mortgage and other property costs etc.

Your Cohabitation Agreement can be tailored to meet your individual needs and circumstances.

A Cohabitation Agreement can also provide a framework for what will happen if the relationship breaks up.

It can deal with how equity in the property will be divided, who will be responsible for debts and so on. The Agreement can also set out what will happen if one person dies.

For more information read our online legal advice guide about Cohabitation Agreements which you can download and print.

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