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What is a family lawyer?

Family law covers a broad spectrum of different issues, from divorce and children’s matters to cohabitation and international family matters. A family lawyer is a trained legal expert who specialises in these areas, who can offer sound advice based on years of experience.

Family law solicitors spend their time helping and guiding people through the legal aspects and implications related to a difficult period of their life. They handle everything from property and tax to child custody arrangements and prenuptial agreements, so it really is varied work.

When relationships break down and new ones start, there are always issues to be addressed. These can be quite complicated, especially when children are involved. Feelings can easily run high, especially if a couple has separated and no one can agree on the right action to take. A trained professional can iron out confusion and misunderstanding, explaining your options clearly and helping you move towards the right decision.

When it comes to family law, most issues need to be handled extremely delicately, and this is where experts such as Slater and Gordon come in. We have dedicated family law solicitors in London and beyond who specialise in each niche area of family law, to give you the best possible advice and guide you towards the best resolution for everyone.

Which areas are considered under family law?

The different areas covered by the term ‘family law’ are huge in number. Anything related to family matters and domestic relations is usually included in the wheelhouse of a family law solicitor, although many choose to specialise in order to offer the very best advice on each particular issue.

Family relationships

This area of family law includes:

Marriage and civil partnership – if you and your partner plan to get married or enter into a civil partnership, you may need or want to make certain legal arrangements beforehand. For example, a prenuptial agreement that protects your finances and property in case of separation. If the relationship breaks down, the agreement will outline who should get what and how assets should be divided. A family lawyer can advise on how best to set your wishes down in a pre-nuptial agreement, as well as how to ensure the best outcome for everyone.

Cohabitation – this refers to couples who live together but aren’t married, and who want to lay out what should happen to property and assets if they should split up. This is called a cohabitation agreement, and it is similar to a prenuptial agreement. Crucially, it protects the rights of unmarried couples, especially those who have been in a relationship for a long time and have many shared assets.

Divorce – the breakdown of a relationship is when many people need expert legal advice the most. It takes skill and experience to navigate the process of legal separation, to negotiate for a fair settlement and make all the required arrangements to the satisfaction of all parties. A good divorce solicitor can minimise the stress and upset involved, taking a weight off your shoulders. If your divorce involves a partner who lives in another country, the case can easily become complicated. In these cases, expert help is needed from a specialist in international divorce law.

Domestic violence – if you have experienced domestic violence, legal advice is essential during this most difficult of times. A family lawyer can help with the legal arrangements to keep you and your children safe, offering sound advice to help you break free and start a new life.

Property rights

When a relationship ends, you and your partner will need to sort out how assets such as property will be divided between you. Inevitably, this can lead to disputes over who owns what. Property can be a hugely complicated issue in legal terms, so it’s important to have an expert on your side.

An experienced family law solicitor can help to untangle your shared assets and work out who has the legal right to property you own together. This could be based on who contributes the most to the mortgage payments, or other factors such as who cares for the children (depending on the size of the property) who live in the house. Family lawyers can also help to arrange the division of property and assets of a couple who own a business together, as well as private property.

If a dispute over property has turned nasty and you’re concerned that you may not reach a resolution that is fair to you, or find yourself with a worse outcome such as ending up homeless, seek advice from our family law experts here at Slater and Gordon. Even complex cases where you simply can’t agree over property and feel like you’ll never make it out the other side can be swiftly resolved by an experienced solicitor.


There are many different legal issues affecting children, which is why it is so important to seek reliable advice from a family law expert if your family is facing any of them. Children’s matters include:

Parental responsibility– this refers to the legal rights, duties and responsibilities a parent has for a child, as well as property the child owns. If you want to have a say in the important decisions in your child’s life, from where they go to school and where they live, you will need to establish parental responsibility. Birth mothers have automatic parental responsibility, while the situation can vary when it comes to fathers. Establishing parental responsibility is a legal issue involving many different factors, so it requires legal expertise. All further arrangements involving custody (child arrangements), child maintenance and other matters following a separation will hinge on parental responsibility, so it’s important to get it right.

Child custody (arrangements) – this is usually one of the biggest issues in any separation. Where children will live, who will look after them and how child arrangements will be split or shared are all matters that need to be decided for the good of the children. It can be very difficult for a couple at loggerheads to reach an agreement, and animosity between parents can easily reach a point which is harmful to their children. A family lawyer can help to navigate this thorny issue and work with you towards reaching an agreement that is fair to you, your partner and crucially – your children. If you feel your rights as a parent are being ignored or that an arrangement agreement is unfair, it’s important to seek legal advice as soon as possible to find out what your options are.

Children's rights – if a couple splits up, the rights of their children need to be protected and upheld in just the same way as their parents. A family law solicitor can make sure that children get a fair deal in a divorce or other difficult family situation.

Child protection – when steps are taken to safeguard a child from harm, the courts are often involved. This is why a family law specialist is needed, to help protect the child’s rights, represent the parent and navigate the family towards a positive outcome.

Adoption – the adoption process can be drawn out and complicated, causing a lot of frustration for people who simply want to welcome a new member to their family. Family law solicitors with experience of the process can help to streamline and make it easier as well as quicker. Your solicitor can take care of the paperwork, offer expert advice and help with any obstacles that may occur.

Why choose Slater and Gordon as your family lawyers?

Slater and Gordon Lawyers is home to the largest team of family lawyers in the country with offices across England and Wales.. Wherever you live we can help. We offer flexible pricing and fixed fee services, and some of the most dynamic and resourceful family lawyers in London and the UK has to offer. We promise to work tirelessly to find the right solution for you.

We have an unrivalled reputation not only for providing professional and proactive service, but also for obtaining outstanding results for our clients.

Industry Recognised

Slater and Gordon is rated 9 out of 10 on TRUSTPILOT, and our family law solicitors are highly rated market leaders in the Legal 500. The Legal 500 United Kingdom 2016/17 edition states that:

"Slater and Gordon’s team ‘really knows its stuff’ and regularly advises on large and complex family law cases.

"The firm also fields a well-regarded children team. Key figures include the ‘capable and focused’ Amanda McAlister,

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Resolution members and collaborative lawyers

Most members of our family law teams in Milton Keynes, London and the rest of the UK are members of Resolution, an organisation of specialist family lawyers committed to a constructive approach to the practice of family law. As a result of our commitment to the Resolution Code of Practice, most of our cases achieve a settlement by constructive negotiation, saving costs for everyone involved. If a case has to go to court, it can become unnecessarily expensive and stressful for all involved. This is why industry leaders such as our team here at Slater and Gordon aim to streamline legal cases and avoid the courtroom, for the benefit of our clients as well as freeing up vital resources in the UK legal system.

Several of our family law solicitors are also trained as collaborative lawyers. Collaborative law is client led and focuses on building a structured settlement around a client's particular needs. The process involves a binding agreement between family solicitors and clients that there be no recourse to the courts. For many people, this process helps to relieve the stress and anxiety associated with divorce.

Slater and Gordon takes a flexible and tailored approach to each and every family law case. No two situations are ever the same, and we believe that a personalised service based on the specifics of your case is essential to achieving the right outcome for everyone.

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