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Diamond driller awarded compensation for vibration injuries

17 November 2017

person with arm in cast

A former diamond driller brought legal action when excessive vibrations caused severe injuries that left him unable to work.

What happened: Our client was employed as a diamond driller. During the course of his employment he used vibrating tools and equipment, exposing him to excessive vibration. 

Impact: He developed an aggravation of epicondylitis of his right elbow, tendonitis in the flexor tendons of his right hand and an aggravation of carpal tunnel syndrome. He also suffered blanching, which was brought on by exposure to vibration and the cold. He developed grip problems and pain in his right wrist which resulted in difficulty picking things up and gripping. 

He was unable to work due to his injuries and his employment was eventually terminated.

How Slater and Gordon helped: We helped our client to recover significant damages in the face of fierce opposition to his claim where no concessions were made. Supportive medical evidence was obtained from a consultant vascular surgeon and also from a rheumatologist. Expert consulting engineering evidence was obtained, which demonstrated that our client had been excessively exposed to vibration levels in breach of duty.

The defendants denied liability, causation and injury throughout. We issued court proceedings and the case was then prepared for trial.

Decision: The case settled at a joint settlement meeting for the sum of £50,000.

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