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Four-figure compensation for roundabout road traffic accident

05 April 2017

A four-figure sum was awarded in compensation for a roundabout road traffic accident that resulted in neck and lower back injuries.

What happened: Our client was a passenger in her husband’s stationary vehicle at a roundabout when the defendant failed to stop and collided with them from behind.

Impact: Our client sustained a soft tissue injury to her neck and lower back which lasted for approximately eight months. Her injuries restricted her in her daily activities and required physiotherapy.

How Slater and Gordon helped: The defendant disputed liability and argued that the client’s vehicle had rolled back into the collision with their vehicle. Due to this, it was also argued that the impact occurred at low speed; therefore liability, causation and the settlement value were all disputed.

We issued court proceedings on behalf of our client due to the disputes and the matter proceeded to a trial where judgement was made in favour of our client. 

Decision: A four-figure sum was awarded for damages.

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