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Cyclist Awarded Five-Figures For Collision in Busy Traffic

27 September 2016

Cycling Accident

A cyclist sustained extensive physical and psychological damage when she was knocked off her bike in a city centre road traffic accident.

Slater and Gordon Lawyer: Jenny Goodall is a personal injury legal executive at Slater and Gordon Lawyers in Sheffield.

Settlement: £10,517

What Happened: Our client was cycling through busy traffic. There were three lanes and she was in between the first and second lane filtering through cars that were stationary. She passed through a yellow box junction when a car, coming from the opposite direction, turned right intending to turn into a car park, and collided with her knocking her off her bicycle.

Impact: Our client suffered significant injuries, which made a big impact on her everyday life. She developed severe bruising and grazing of the right knee and right leg that resulted in permanent scarring.

Furthermore, our client sustained pain, stiffness discomfort and weakness to her left wrist. She has also been affected psychologically by what has happened. She could not face to ride her bike for a month after the accident occurred; when she did have the courage to cycle again, she was very anxious and cautious as to her surroundings whilst cycling on the road.

Moreover, our client suffered a further loss when she had to take the week off work, resulting in a loss of wages. The bike in the collision was also damaged and this cost £158.00 to repair with a further cost of £5 for obtaining a repairs quote. Other damages included damaged clothing and fares for the transport the claimant needed to take due to not being able to cycle and any medical examinations.

How Slater and Gordon Helped: The driver claimed that he had done nothing wrong and progressed this matter within three weeks of a hearing. Evidence showed that the driver never intended to go to court to defend this matter and settlement of the case was unnecessarily pursued by the insurers who had full knowledge that their witness was unwilling to attend court.

Slater and Gordon held firm in their conviction that the cyclist would not be held responsible for the accident and continued to pursue and prepare the claim for trial.

Decision: A settlement payment under the terms of a part 36 offer was agreed upon and the Claimant avoided the need to resolve her case at a hearing.

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