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Damages Win after Holiday Bathroom Slip

14 August 2015

A 32 year-old holidaymaker has received compensation after slipping on a wet bathroom floor whilst on holiday and injuring his face and mouth.

Settlement value: £7,500

What happened: The man was on a package holiday with his wife at a hotel in Marmaris, Turkey.

After entering their hotel room for the first time, they were met by a maintenance man who claimed he had just fixed a reported leak in their bathroom.

The couple found that the bathroom floor was completely covered in water the next morning. They reported this to the hotel, who cleared the water up and reassured them that the leak would be finally dealt with. 

When the man visited the bathroom the following night, the floor was again covered in water, causing him to slip. 

Impact: As a result of the slip in the hotel bathroom, the man banged his head, grazed his face and lost one of his front teeth.

When the hotel were informed of the slip and a doctor who had been called to examine the man had left, they incredibly asked our client to lay towels onto the wet bathroom floor and refrain from taking any photographs.

Tour operators have a duty to ensure the accommodation offered to holidaymakers is fit for purpose and that guests are not exposed to the risk of injury. In this case, the inefficiency and shoddy standard of service was all too apparent.

Decision: Liability was admitted and it later transpired that a holiday rep had informed the tour operator that the previous occupants of the same hotel room had also complained to hotel staff about the same leak in the bathroom.

The claim was settled in favour of our client for £7,500.

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