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Dental Nurse Awarded Damages After Workplace Housing Unit Collapses

23 July 2015

dental nurse wearing mask

A dental nurse has been awarded an undisclosed sum of damages after injuring herself when a housing unit collapsed at work.

Slater and Gordon Solicitor: Alicia Townsend is a Chartered Legal Executive and Personal Injury Solicitor at Slater and Gordon Lawyers in Sheffield.

Settlement Value: Confidential

What happened: Alicia’s client was sterilising some dental equipment in a sterilisation room at work. Around the entire length of the room were metal counter tops and on one side of the room under the counter tops was wooden housing used to store oxygen and nitrous oxide cylinders. The wood was very old and repairs had been made to the housing unit with MDF having been used on one side.

As she was conducting the sterilisation, the housing beneath her collapsed and the cylinders fell forward striking her right thigh. The force of the cylinders forced her backwards and she was pushed heavily onto the metal guard of the x-ray machine.

Impact: The medical report from an orthopaedic consultant confirmed that Alicia’s client suffered a significant chronic soft-tissue injury within her back and pelvis. It was anticipated that she would never be symptom-free and is likely to be left with low grade symptoms, despite extensive physiotherapy treatment.

As a result of her injury, she had to reduce her working hours from 37.5 hours a week to 28 hours a week. This impacted upon her future earnings.

How Alicia helped: Alicia helped her client by helping her achieve a satisfactory settlement, guiding her smoothly through the litigation process and achieving a result where settlement was achieved significantly higher than the initial pre-medical offer.

She also ensured her client received the relevant medical treatment she required and deserved.

Decision: A satisfactory compensation sum was awarded for her injury, which took into account her past financial losses including rehabilitation treatment and future loss of earnings.

Alicia’s client stated, “I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me.”

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