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£24,000 Settlement After Hospital Misdiagnoses Scaphoid Fracture

17 June 2015

Slater and Gordon Solicitor: Laura Craig is a Clinical Negligence Solicitor at Slater and Gordon Lawyers in London.
Laura has particular experience in spinal injury and neonatal death claims as well as product liability cases that include failed hip implants and pharmaceutical products.

Settlement Value: £24,000

What happened:

Laura’s client was playing football and fell backwards on his hand. He attended a local hospital Accident and Emergency department and was diagnosed with a sprain to the wrist despite several x-rays.

Laura’s client continued to suffer pain in his right wrist and when he eventually attended a different hospital, he was diagnosed with a fractured scaphoid and had to undergo surgery. 

How Laura helped:

Laura pursued a clinical negligence claim against the first hospital for failing to identify her client’s fracture initially.

Laura obtained expert evidence from several experts who provided supportive reports. She successfully argued that the physical injury caused an exacerbation of the client’s psychological injuries.


Laura’s client had to have a bone graft to treat his injury. He has been left with physical scarring and an exacerbation of pre-existing psychological injuries.


The hospital admitted liability in this claim and they reached a settlement of £24,000.

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