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How We Helped a Client with His Estate Planning & Will

23 July 2012

In this case a client approached our Wills & Probate Solicitors for some estate planning advice, particularly in connection with the writing of a Will. 

Our client had lived with his partner for approximately 10 years but was opposed to getting married due to his previous relationship breakdown.  

Our client and his partner owned a property in joint names and they had arranged to own it so that upon the death of one party, the other party would automatically inherit the property.

However, our client also had a variety of additional assets in his own name.

He was under the false impression that because he had lived with his partner for a number of years, that she would automatically inherit his estate. We advised him that in the absence of a valid Will, the Intestacy Rules would not automatically recognise his partner as someone who should benefit from his estate. This came as a complete surprise to him so we advised him to put an appropriate Will in place.

We successfully implemented a Will for our client and his partner after having explained the full effect of the Intestacy Rules on death, and on how to structure their affairs appropriately during their lifetime.

The structure of our client’s Will was very straightforward and ensured that his long term partner would be provided for in accordance with his wishes.

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