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Personal Injury Solicitor Sara Heppenstall successfully concludes an Accident at Work Claim

15 June 2012

On the day of the accident our client was asked to cover staff sickness absence by working in the petrol station. On her way back from the petrol station our client walked across the grassed area to get to the zebra crossing to make her way back to the store. Our client slipped on the mud. We are advised that there was no other route to use apart from walking on the road, and there was heavy traffic at the time of our client’s accident.

Since the accident we are advised that a path has been provided from the zebra crossing directly to and from the petrol station.

Our client suffered facial injuries and laceration to the knee which resulted in scarring. Our Personal Injury Solicitor Sara Heppenstall negotiated a settlement of £1,100 for our injured client.