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Request to work from home denied

25 January 2010

Our client put in a flexible working request to work from home for 2 days a week on her return to work from maternity leave. This was so that she would be able to look after her baby from home, without rushing into full-time nursery. Although our client had worked from home in the past without any problems, and could continue to work from home in the same way, her boss refused because he was worried that allowing her request might set a precedent for other staff, who might also want to work flexibly. Our client appealed against the refusal, but her employer upheld the decision. This left her in an impossible position because she had no alternative childcare in place, and our client was forced to resign. We wrote to her employer on her behalf, putting the business on notice of her intention to bring sex discrimination and unfair dismissal proceedings, and were able to secure a substantial out of court settlement for our client.