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Inquest criticises poor NHS care of deceased woman

15 January 2010

An inquest was carried out into the death of an 86 year old woman who received poor care from the NHS Trust that was looking after her.

Our client was bed bound for more than a year following a fall and was cared for by her family with support from the Trust authority who provided weekly nurse visits to dress, treat bedsores and provide medical care for other health problems.

A year following our client’s fall, she developed a pressure sore on her heel which was not properly tended to by the visiting nurses and ultimately was left with the dressing unchanged for up to three weeks. This caused her severe pain and poor quality of life before her death.

The way the NHS Trust is organised means that our client did not have a regular nurse assigned to her, and therefore ended up receiving visits from different staff each week. The nursing staff had kept a poor record of our client’s health, which had led to our clients pressure sore escalating into a severe ulcer causing her great pain and suffering.

Our medical negligence solicitors highlighted the system failure our client received from the NHS Trust and how such negligent treatment should be prevented from occurring again.