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Couple injured on holiday by sub-standard transport

10 August 2009

We helped a couple on holiday recover £5,500 in damages when the elderly wife suffered an injury to her leg which ruined the remainder of both their holidays. A vehicle was required to transport the couple from the hotel reception to their room straight after checking in. The transport arrived in the form of a rusty old people carrier. The driver expected them to hop into the vehicle. The elderly wife was unable to negotiate the high step and told the driver this, however he insisted she tried and whilst doing so, she fell forwards and her leg caught on the rusty and jagged sill of the vehicle causing a very large laceration. The wound needed to be dressed daily and if they did want to go anywhere the husband had to push her in a wheelchair. Liability was admitted very early for this accident on holiday. The compensation amount for this accident included an amount for the loss of enjoyment of the holiday for both the claimant and her husband.