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Accident at work leaves man incapable to fulfil his normal work duties

15 May 2009

Our solicitors have vast experience dealing with cases that arise from accidents at work. In a previous case, our claimant’s partnership was contracted to work at a warehouse. As he was fixing a light bulb, whilst stood on the Defendant’s ladder, one of the rungs gave way and as a result the claimant fell to the floor causing injury to the ankle. Due to the injury the claimant was not able to continue working in this environment as he was not capable to crouch and use ladders like he did in the past. As a result his partnership dissolved due to the injuries he sustained. Liability was agreed in full once the issue of control of the equipment was established along with implied permission for use. RJW solicitors prepared various schedules in relation to future loss of earning due to the complexities of how the business would progress and the Defendant’s argument that the partnership dissolved due to other reasons. The case settlement value was eventually finalised to a large sum of £120, 318.