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Child care responsibilities result in female police officer suffering indirect sex discrimination

01 October 2008

We acted for a female police officer in a successful claim at the Employment Tribunal.  Our client found that her child care responsibilities prevented her from performing her on-call duties. The tribunal agreed with us that it was indirect sex discrimination to impose such on-call requirements, and that the force had not justified the discriminatory treatment.  This was an important victory at tribunal, since our client had worked in the murder, & the major crime branch.  If even working in the murder branch was not enough to justify the requirement of 24/7 availability, it is hard to see when such hours could ever be justified.

NB This is also a good illustration of a typical negative/ unconstructive approach to these types of requests by companies.  We hope that the result would encourage other female employees not to be put off by an initial refusal by the company and to continue to fight their corner if inadequate reasons for refusing these requests are given.