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Girl hit by car receives £8.5 million

18 February 2008

Suzanne was just 12 years old when a car hit her on the way home from school. She was using a pelican crossing with a school patrol. The driver went through the red light and afterwards told the police he had had a black out. Eventually he pleaded guilty to careless driving. We bought and specially adapted a house for her and her family, and arranged private rehabilitation for 6 months. She has severe learning disabilities and is confined to a wheelchair. With the fantastic support of her family, and a team of 8 carers, she lives an active life. Our departmental head Richard Langton recovered just over £8.5 million in damages in 2007 to ensure Suzanne will never want for anything that money can buy. After the High Court approved the settlement, believed to be one of the highest damages awards ever made, Suzanne’s father wrote;"Dear Richard, many thanks from us all here, from the bottom of our hearts. We cannot thank you enough for the advice etc for Suzanne and the family. You and your team have handled everything superbly, many many thanks."