Whilst most people enjoy a game of football and accept that being tackled is part of the beautiful game, dangerous tackles are unacceptable.

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Types of football injury claims

In the majority of football games and training sessions, no one is seriously hurt. Accidents do happen as part of the game though, with most taking place within the bounds of the rules and what is considered to be acceptable play. For example, a fair tackle or an unavoidable accident may occur as part of the physical nature of the game.

However, there are more serious incidents which are considered to be outside the bounds of acceptable play. For example:

  • Dangerous tackles
  • Reckless manoeuvres
  • Violent, retaliatory behaviour

These kinds of incidents can lead to anything from minor physical damage to severe and potentially even life-changing injuries. If you’ve been injured because of this kind of behaviour during a football match or training session, Slater and Gordon Lawyers could help you to pursue a compensation claim.

Negligence in facilities and training

There are other kinds of football injury claims which centre on the quality of facilities, training and coaching. If you’re injured due to any of the following, you may be able to claim compensation:

  • Poor or confusing coaching instructions
  • Inadequate warm-up or preparation for matches
  • Reckless training exercises
  • Glass or chemicals on the pitch
  • Badly maintained pitches which cause slips, trips and falls
  • Spillages on indoor courts, making the surface slippery and dangerous to play on

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Common football injuries

Some football injuries can be relatively minor, from scrapes and bruises to sprains. Groin strains, ankle injuries and pulled hamstrings are also common in football injury claims. More serious injuries can include:

  • Broken legs and arms
  • Damage to the nose, teeth or face
  • Fractures to legs and other limbs
  • Dislocations
  • Trauma to the head and brain injury
  • Spinal injuries
  • Torn ligaments

Football injuries like these not only cause undue pain and suffering. They can also lead to emotional distress and psychological problems including post-traumatic stress disorder. People who’ve suffered serious injuries are often unable to work for some time, so experience loss of earnings.

In the worst cases, injuries such as those affecting the brain and spine can be life-changing. Sufferers need to make alterations to their homes, pay for expensive medical treatment, care, medication and rehabilitation, as well as additional transport costs.

To claim compensation for pain, suffering, loss of earnings or other costs associated with your injury, your first port of call should always be Slater and Gordon Lawyers. Our personal injury specialists will assess your case and provide expert advice.

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Our expert football injury claims solicitors

There are many reasons to choose Slater and Gordon Lawyers to help you with your football injury claim. Clients come to us because we’re specialists in this field of personal injury. Having worked with the Professional Footballers' Association (PFA), our personal injury solicitors know exactly how to pursue compensation in these cases. We understand the specific problems associated with football injuries.

Whether you’re a professional or amateur footballer, we can help if you’ve suffered an injury and someone else was at least partly at fault.

Gathering evidence for your claim

Claiming compensation for a sports injury often revolves around witness evidence being available from fellow players, and wherever possible from the match official. We’ll need to take witness statements as a matter of urgency, before memories fade. Other forms of evidence that can be helpful to your claim include:

  • Photographs of injuries
  • Photographs of poorly maintained facilities, if this is thought to be the cause of the injuries
  • Video of the incident if available

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Our personal injury solicitors can help with all kinds of football injuries, from the relatively minor to the severe. If you’ve suffered a serious or life-changing injury as a result of negligence or fault with a player, coach or sports facility owner, we can help you claim compensation to support your recovery and rehabilitation - plus any changes you may need to make to your home.

Slater and Gordon Lawyers is one of the country’s largest and best-known consumer law firms with offices throughout the UK. Our team of sports injury solicitors can provide immediate legal representation and rehabilitation anywhere across the country.

No Win, No Fee football injury claims

What’s more, 98% of our sports injury claims are funded through a No Win, No Fee agreement, which is also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement. This means there’s no financial risk to you. Simply contact us with the details and start your claim, without worrying that you may be left out of pocket.

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