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Young apprentice given once-in-a-lifetime tour of Number 10

Young apprentice given once-in-a-lifetime tour of Number 10

A budding lawyer got a glimpse into the life of Prime Minister David Cameron during a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Number 10.

Kate Mackinnon, 17, was one of the youngest apprentices to be invited to visit Downing Street during National Apprenticeship Week.

The invitation was extended to selected apprentices at Hawk Training, which helps recruit and train apprentices like Kate, who is a receptionist at law firm Slater and Gordon’s office in London.

Kate, from Hockley, Essex, said: “It was really exciting to be there. Not everyone gets to see inside the Prime Minister’s house. I was nervous to start with, but everyone was really welcoming and friendly.

“Another apprentice working there gave us the tour and it was like a living history lesson seeing the lobby area and library and things that belonged to Margaret Thatcher and Winston Churchill.

“I got to walk up the staircase with the portraits of all the prime ministers, and saw the dents in the walls and doors from bomb blasts in the war.”

Kate’s apprenticeship in business and administration sees her work full time at the office in London. The trained legal secretary hopes to one day become a lawyer.

She said: “It’s my first full-time job. I like working there and I’m learning a lot. At some other apprenticeships you go in four days a week and then go to college for one day, but with this I’m treated like a full-time employee.”

Slater and Gordon is among companies from a wide variety of sectors to support the apprenticeship scheme and the government’s bid to create three million apprenticeships before 2020.

Crawford Knott, commercial director at Hawk Training, said: "Employers such as Slater and Gordon are vital to the continued success of apprenticeships in the 21st century.

“This is a unique opportunity we are proud to promote and we look forward to increasing the number of quality apprenticeships across England in the future.”

Kate added: “It was an incredible experience and I was lucky to be one of the people chosen to take part.”

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