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Faulty Hotel Door Ruins Bride’s Big Day

Faulty Hotel Door Ruins Bride’s Big Day

A bride’s wedding was ruined when she was left hobbling down the aisle after injuring her ankle on a faulty hotel door.

Lesley Hegarty, 47, has been paid a five-figure sum by Britannia Hotels, who run the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool, after she said her wedding was ruined by the injury.

She and husband Frank had their wedding at the city centre hotel in May 2011.

But at about 9.30am on her special day Lesley went through the revolving doors at the front of the hotel to pop outside after having breakfast.

As she made her way through the door she hit the back of her right heel and felt a sharp pain.
She said: “I screamed and shouted to my mum, who was in reception.

“I went back inside and the next minute I saw a pool of blood on the floor and my mum was shouting for a first aider.”

Lesley, who was wearing flip flops as her toenails had just been painted, said the brass plate on the bottom of the door had a screw missing and had sliced into her heel.

She said: “My bridesmaid’s husband is a nurse so the bridesmaids went to Boots and bought bandages and loads of packing stuff.

“They got me back up to my room and her husband taped it up for me. Every time I walked it hurt so it was a struggle to walk down the aisle.

“My husband had bought me shoes for the wedding, but I was only able to wear them for a little bit and the rest of the night I was in slippers.”

Lesley, a mum-of-three, said she spent the day dosed up on painkillers and left her own reception early because of the pain.

She said: “It’s taken a long time before I’ve been able to talk about my wedding day without crying. I really wanted this day to be special.

“My husband said he would give me the day of my dreams and I really thought I was going to be a princess.
“It’s hard to explain how traumatised I was by it all. It was awful.”

Simon Smith, lawyer at Slater and Gordon, the firm instructed to take legal action, said: “For Lesley, her wedding day was supposed to be one of the best days of her life but instead she was unable to enjoy this special occasion because her injured heel left her in such debilitating pain.

“Despite her brave determination to tie the knot she ultimately had to leave her own wedding early.”

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