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Son Appeals for Information about Father’s Asbestos Death

Son Appeals for Information about Father’s Asbestos Death

A son has appealed for information to help solve a mystery surrounding his father’s death from asbestos poisoning. 

John Poyser was struck down with terminal cancer caused by contact with the deadly material and died aged 80 of mesothelioma in October, last year.

Now his son David, 55, has asked for anyone who worked with his father between the 1960s and 1990s to come forward in a bid to find out how his father came into contact with the toxic material.

He also fears some of his father’s colleagues may also have been contaminated with the lethal substance.

The retired printer, of Lows Street, Golborne, Warrington said, “It was heart-breaking to watch my dad go downhill towards the end. He was as fit as a fiddle and active, then this disease took hold. He went from a muscly lad to a skeleton in no time. My dad did lots of jobs throughout his working life but I do remember him talking about some terrible conditions. He used to come back covered in dust.”

David recalled how his father demanded bosses at one site provide safety equipment to protect workers from the dirt and dust but ended up having to buy them himself.

“It was really filthy work. I remember him coming home from work complaining that the bosses weren’t providing them with masks and overalls. He ended up having to buy breathing masks for him and the lads himself.

“He was aware that it was a dirty place but didn’t realise that he could have been deadly. He said it was a dusty place. I know the floors were made of asbestos. He used to come home covered in dust. I don’t think he realised how bad things were.”

Mr Poyser hopes to take legal action against those responsible for exposing his father to asbestos.

He added, “It is important that we do get answers about where my dad came into contact with asbestos. Not just for us but for the other people who worked with my dad and faced the same conditions.

Mr Poyser’s Lawyer said, “Mr Poyser’s life was cut short because of his contact with asbestos. Despite the risks of asbestos having been known for decades, he was still sent to work in dangerous conditions. Now his family want to make those who exposed him to those conditions accountable.

“We hope to hear from anyone who worked with Mr Poyser so we can understand where the he would have come into contact with the asbestos.”

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