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Inquest into Grandmother’s Death after Bus Accident

The family of a pensioner who died after being thrown out of her seat when the bus she was travelling on suddenly braked, has spoken about their shock of her death. 

Muriel Naylor, 79, was making her way home from a shopping trip to Oldham Town Centre in 2011 when the Stagecoach bus she had boarded was forced to brake sharply. 

The grandmother-of-eight was sat in the designated area for the elderly and was sent flying out of her seat, across the empty pushchair space and head first into the barriers in front. Mrs Naylor, from Failsworth, Greater Manchester, was rushed to Royal Oldham Hospital by ambulance but died later the same day.

An inquest into Mrs Naylor’s death was held at The Coroner's Office in Heywood, Lancashire on Wednesday, January 29.

Her heartbroken son David Naylor revealed her family has yet to come to term with the shocking manner of her death. Mr Naylor, 50, said: “The family would like to thank all of those friends of Muriel who have kindly offered their condolences and support following the tragic incident.

“It’s still difficult to reflect on what began as an everyday shopping trip could have ended in such a way. It has been over two years since the tragedy and all we have to add on behalf of Gordon Naylor and his family, is that Muriel remains deeply missed and fondly remembered.” 

Mrs Naylor, who has four children and eight grandchildren, had been shopping in Oldham Town Centre when the Stagecoach bus she was travelling on was forced to stop suddenly. The bus driver had to slam on the brakes near the town’s Magistrate’s Court after nearly colliding with a dark coloured Vauxhall Vectra. 

Slater and Gordon Personal Injury Lawyer Tulser Goodwin, who is representing Mrs Naylor, said “This tragic case highlights the importance of having the correct safety measures on public transport. Mrs Naylor may well have survived had additional safety barriers been in place close to her seating section, but instead a family has lost a loving wife, mother and grandmother.”

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