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Gordon Ramsay’s Property Planning Dispute With His Neighbours

Gordon Ramsay’s Property Planning Dispute With His Neighbours

Gordon Ramsay has won an eight-month long dispute with his neighbours allowing him to knock down his home and build two new houses.

His neighbours are unhappy that the Cornwall council has approved planning permission to destroy the seaside home as it allows the Ramsay family to build closer to the sea.

A total of 16 local residents in the expensive village of Rock in Cornwall called for the application to be refused.

Pippa Burrows, one of the neighbours to have complained, said: “Another beautiful house is yet again being knocked down to build an eyesore that is not in fitting with this area of great beauty, and bears no common resemblance to other properties.”

The traditional 1920s house was purchased by the Ramsay family in 2015 for £4.4m. Most of the complaints were not over the modern style development, but rather the second house that will be erected at the bottom of the garden because it will change the look of the coastline.

Next door neighbour Andrew Nisbet, who owns a company which supplies catering equipment for the celebrity chef’s restaurants, and wife Anne complained of the ‘unacceptable’ 25-yard distance between the planned ‘garden house’ and their residence.

Disliking the window-to-window distance as well as plans to increase the height of a chimney, which in a letter their lawyer wrote to the council they claimed would lead to smoke being blown towards their windows.

The Nisbets described the Ramsay’s property redevelopment plans as ‘inappropriate, unsympathetic and unneighbourly’.

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