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Driving Ban For England Cricket Player Ben Stokes

Driving Ban For England Cricket Player Ben Stokes

England Cricket player Ben Stokes has been handed a six month driving ban for speeding.

The six-foot-tall all-rounder was caught doing 61mph and 75mph in a 50mph zone past roadworks on the A1 in August 2015.

The England and Durham star player, 25, was given nine points on his license, a £850 fine and a ban, after pleading guilty of four accounts speeding to Northallerton magistrates, including speeding through a 30mph zone.

Laura Nash, a criminal lawyer and representing Stokes, said: "He is very much aware this sends out the wrong message – that a professional sportsman has been speeding on four separate occasions.

“He also faces the embarrassment of having to declare the disqualification to his employers.”

After his car was captured speeding the cricketer failed to declare the identity of the person behind the wheel to the police.

Once the keeper of a vehicle receives a Notice of Intended Prosecution they must supply the police with the identity of the driver, their name and address.

Charges for failing to provide the police with the identity of the speeding driver were dropped as soon as Stokes admitted to the speeding offences.

If found driving over the course of his driving ban Stokes could be sent to prison.