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Army Discrimination Bill Mulled by Labour

Army Discrimination Bill Mulled by Labour

The Labour party is considering moving to ban discrimination against soldiers.

While the opposition party does not have enough seats to ensure the bill will go through, it is likely to attract multi-party support as opinion polls have generally shown the UK holds members of the armed forces in high regard.

A bill will be introduced on the subject later today (January 24th) by Labour MP Thomas Docherty, reports the BBC.

Under the proposal, members of the Royal Air Force, Territorial and regular Army and Navy would be covered under the same laws as people with disabilities or people those with alternative sexual orientations.

Vernon Coaker, shadow defence secretary for Labour, told the news provider: "It's sad to think that those who fight for our country might need the protection of our laws, but some do."

The campaign to outlaw discrimination against soldiers has received backing from a number of charities and political groups - including Help for Heroes.

By Francesca Witney

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