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Motorcycle accident leads to High Court compensation case

Motorcycle accident leads to High Court compensation case
A road traffic accident that left a man with permanent brain damage has resulted in a claim for personal injury compensation being taken to the High Court.

Daniel McCracken sustained a serious head injury when the motorcycle he was riding as a pillion passenger on crashed into a bus in Carlisle in January 2007, the Times & Star reports.

Mr McCracken - who was just 16 years old at the time of the incident - subsequently needed intensive physiotherapy and had to learn to speak again, as the impact to his brain affected both the movement on the right side of his body and his ability to speak.

The motorcycle was being driven by Damien Smith - who was also 16 and suffered a serious head injury as well - and Mr McCracken is now pursuing damages from him, the Motor Insurers' Bureau and the driver of the bus.

The claimant insists he was unaware that Mr Jones's vehicle was uninsured at the time of the collision and his ex-girlfriend Lucy Jones has told the court hearing in Liverpool that Mr McCracken was very intelligent and planned to go into the legal profession when he was older.

Describing the incident, Christine Palmer - who was nearby the site of the accident at the time - explained there was a "great panic and commotion" in its immediate aftermath.

"I noticed the sound of trail bikes driving as they are very loud. The sound got louder and I noticed a bus was stationary waiting to pull out. After that I heard people shouting as if there was some sort of accident, not long after the bike had hit the vehicle," she noted.

Last month, the Express and Star reported that motorcycle paramedic John Brown is seeking compensation of £4.65 million after he had a leg amputated following a road traffic accident in Pelsall, West Midlands, in 2007.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson