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Paralysed teenager awarded compensation

Paralysed teenager awarded compensation
Life-changing injuries sustained during an accident in a public place have resulted in a teenager receiving compensation for her ordeal.

According to the East Anglian Daily Times, gymnast Victoria Abery was left paralysed after she suffered severe spinal trauma in an incident at premises owned by Bury Spectrum Gymnastics Club in Bury St Edmunds in November 2010.

The girl - who is now 16 years old - won a number of regional awards for gymnastics after joining the club at a young age but now has Brown-Sequard syndrome, which has left her with no feeling at all on the right side of her body and impaired feeling on her left.

Following the accident, Miss Abery's family took legal action against Bury Spectrum Gymnastics Club for their alleged liability for her injuries and the High Court in London has now ruled in their favour, ordering the club to pay an undisclosed sum of damages.

The writ served to the court on her demand explained that Miss Abery "continues to suffer from significant physical disability" as a result of the severe injuries she sustained and doctors have diagnosed her as a "C5 incomplete tetraplegic".

Speaking after the settlement had been finalised, an official speaking on behalf of both Bury Spectrum Gymnastics Club and British Gymnastics said the organisations are "pleased" that compensation to support her recovery and care has been granted following such a "tragic accident".

"Everyone at the club and indeed the whole British gymnastics community wish her all the best in her ongoing rehabilitation," the spokesman added.

Last month, 17-year-old Agnes Collier was awarded a record damages sum of £23 million after a road traffic accident in Gloucestershire in March 2009 that killed her mother and left her paralysed.

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Posted by Chris Stevenson