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Former nurse awarded £57k unfair dismissal damages

Former nurse awarded £57k unfair dismissal damages

Compensation of more than £57,000 has been awarded to a former senior nurse on the grounds of unfair dismissal.

According to BBC News, Ann Porter was fired from her role at the Parkdean Nursing Home last year after she effectively took part in whistleblowing to raise concerns over the standard of care being received by a resident there.

Ms Porter - who has 42 years' experience in the care industry - helped a man who feared officials would not believe him if he made a complaint about his colostomy bag leaking by taking a photograph of the evidence.

The professional then reported the issue to her manager and insisted the patient be properly cleaned, but a colleague complained about her taking the photo and this eventually led to her being sacked.

However, an employment tribunal has now ruled in Ms Porter's favour on the basis she should have been protected by whistleblower laws.

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Posted by Francesca Witney