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Ex-soldier awarded compensation for brain injury

Ex-soldier awarded compensation for brain injury
Substantial compensation has been awarded to an ex-soldier who sustained life-changing injuries during an accident at work.

Joanne Lilley suffered a serious head injury when she fell off a bike while completing an exercise at a Territorial Army training camp on Ascension Island in the South Atlantic Ocean in 2007, Chronicle Live reports.

The 41-year-old was training ahead of being deployed in Afghanistan and was injured while participating in a cycle ride on the island.

At the time of the incident, Ms Lilley lost control on a bend in the road leading up a steep hill and hit her head on the ground, leaving her with a serious brain injury that means she requires daily support.

The former soldier was kept in hospital for two weeks after the accident and underwent rehabilitation for six months, but still suffers from issues such as short-term memory loss, tiredness and a lack of concentration.

In addition, she has problems with her speech and struggles with a partial loss of her senses of taste, hearing and smell.

Ms Lilley's family took legal action against the Ministry of Defence (MoD) on the basis that she was not required to wear a helmet while on the bike ride and have now urged the government department to make this equipment compulsory.

Her mother Gladys Lilley told the news source that her daughter's life is "dramatically different" following the incident.

"She was always so active and ready for anything, but her memory problems mean that she needs a great deal of help and support in her daily life," the relative noted.

"She sometimes struggles to remember the words for things and for someone who always had a lot of words it is very difficult."

The MoD has now provided Ms Lilley with an undisclosed damages sum that will enable her family to pay for the lifelong care she requires.

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Posted by Francesca Witney